Inbal Manor Law Offices

A leading boutique law firm specializing in two main branches -

  • The real estate sector, with specialization in the commercial aspects of the field

  • Comprehensive legal support for premium customers - HOME FAMILY OFFICE.

The firm was established by Adv. Inbal Manor in 2004, with the aim of a professional focus on  real estate while offering customers a personal, quick and professional response to their unique needs, with an understanding of the complexity and dynamics typical to this field.

Since its establishment, the firm has been aiding leading companies in the business sector, as well as private clients from all over the country, including banks, retail chains, brokerage firms, real estate developers and many others. Most of the firms have worked with the office continuously for many years.

Among the services offered by the firm to its hundreds of customers over the years are: 

  • Consulting and accompaniment in the process of buying and selling apartments, plots and properties, including providing tax consultancy

  • Legal advice and support for purchasing groups

  • Consulting and accompanying private clients interested in joining purchasing groups

  • Consulting and guidance for groups of tenants and commercial companies in the TAMA 38 process and in the evacuation-construction processes

  • Consulting and accompaniment in the process of renting apartments, lots and properties

  • Consulting and accompanying entrepreneurs and commercial companies in the construction of purchasing groups

  • Accompanying contractors and entrepreneurs in construction projects - from the beginning of the process to its completion

In the reality of the large firms, where hundreds of lawyers are involved, from the establishing stage and long afterwards, , our goal is to bring a different approach : to be a leading firm in the real estate sector, which is a warm home, providing a focused solution to all the commercial real estate issues that exist today in Israel, While maintaining a homely atmosphere and personal attention to each client, with professionalism and dedication.

This approach led to the creation of the “ HOME FAMILY OFFICE” : as a  response to overseas customers wishing to invest in real estate transactions in Israel, deep ties were formed, all members of the family joined, and legal counsel expanded in all directions and to all sectors: starting with handling money in trust accounts, Maintenance of property, handling of legal claims of any kind, and up to taking care of  property insurance, fixed payments and even payment of parking tickets if necessary.

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